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What do the different reward / points status names mean?
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The points you earn as a part of HPE Engage & Grow progress through a series of steps before you can redeem them for rewards:

  • Available Rewards: Points that are available for you to earn but you have not claimed—for example, from deals for which you have not yet provided sell-out information.
  • Earned Rewards: Points that you have earned but yet been awarded. You may need to meet a minimum badge requirement or another task before you are awarded these points.
  • Awarded Rewards: Points you have been awarded but have not yet been validated. Awarded Points will be validated within a month after each month and subsequently issued into your account.
  • Issued Rewards: Points that you may redeem to order rewards from the catalogue.
  • Redeemed Rewards: This is a record of points you have previously redeemed to order items from the catalogue.
  • Expired Rewards: These are points that are no longer available. You must redeem points within six months from the date of issue or they will expire.
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