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What are the different roles in HPE ENGAGE & GROW?
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HPE ENGAGE & GROW is structured with a partner hierarchy that requires at least one Portal Administrator (PA) for each HPE partner company.


Members may identify themselves with the following roles

  • Portal Administrator (PA): 
    • The PA manages user access for employees at their company.
    • HPE ENGAGE & GROW may reach out to PAs to manage and coordinate administrative matters.
    • The PA is usually an employee whose primary duty is not in sales, such as an administrator, administrative executive; or management roles such as sales director/manager, or a business owner.
    • Learn more about how PA role is assigned by the system.
  • Sales Representative (SR): 
    • The SR is the primary beneficiary in HPE ENGAGE & GROW.
    • The SR designation is applicable for most employees who have a sales role, including business development executives/managers, account executive/managers, and sales executive/managers.
  • Presales Representative (PR): 
    • The PR conducts sales activities that involve technical knowledge.
    • Examples include solution architects, sales engineers, and technical presales consultants.


How to update your roles

  1. access “My Account”, “Update Profile”...
  2. and scroll down to the “Update your Role” section.
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